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Archive for 'Bottled Water'

Livestock Farms Partially Responsible for Drinking Water Contamination

California officials identify agriculture, including cows, as a major source of nitrate pollution in more than 100,000 square miles of polluted groundwater. Giant livestock farms and the pollution from animal waste and fertilizers that run off into groundwater sources seriously threatens humans through drinking water or well water contamination. And, as residents in rural California […]

Resolve to Conserve Water in 2013

As you approach the New Year, what will your resolution be? To lose weight? To get in shape? To pay off bills? Why not try something original – and something that will really make a difference beyond your own home and family? We’d like to challenge you to make a commitment to protect our most […]

Is bottled water really safer?

The same question has been lingering for a very long time now and has probed experts and health officials to address the debate; is bottled water really safer for you? What exactly makes it that much safer? With so many questions left to answer, new information and findings have been making their way back into […]

How Much is Too Much Chlorine?

There are a number of things out there that can make us sick, but drinking water should never be one of them. But even here in the United States with one of the most advanced drinking water sources in the world, we face many issues due to the drinking water issues that residents face all […]

Arsenic Back in the Limelight

By the sounds of it, arsenic in drinking water is looking to get 15 more minutes of fame in the limelight. But as most consumers will agree, arsenic in drinking water is not something to celebrate or admire. With continual research being done, new studies are finding that arsenic in drinking water is not as […]

Poor communities finding sewage a threat to drinking water

It’s quite startling, and questionable in this great nation – how can our communities, rich or poor, be plagued by sewage in their drinking water? The United States has some of the best water systems in the world, yet a recent article from the Fresno Bee brings a new issue to the forefront, one which […]

Drinking water systems provide homes & schools with safe drinking water

Whether your kids are drinking water at home or in school, you never want red flags raised when it comes to the levels of arsenic in the water they are drinking. But in Sutter County, new state standards are causing some problems for the schools, who are looking at a means of permanent solutions to […]

When did drinking water become uncool?

Walk down any street in America and take the time to notice the choice of drink that people, particularly you people, are walking around with.  Attend a sports function and notice what the fans are drinking while watching.  Walk around any office, store, or other place of business in America and take notice there of […]

The Best of the Best is Still Left Wanting

Surely you’ve seen all the articles in the news lately about the quality of water that is sold in individually portioned plastic bottles at a ridiculous price? Just this week, I saw yet another, titled “Best and Worst Bottled Water Brands.” You know what they were basing their determination of “best” and “worst” on? Very […]