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January 2018
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Conserve Water with the Right Drinking Water Systems

When times get tough, drastic measures are usually taken. That is exactly what the residents around Folsom Lake are dealing with according to a recent online video from Yahoo! News. With already low lake levels dropping every day, Folsom residents have been encouraged to employ water conservation efforts wherever possible. Without the necessary changes, the town faces the possibility of losing their lake completely.water conservation

This situation is affecting everyone; boat launches are closed and fishing has ceased. Some of the residents have never seen the water level so low in all of the years they have lived there. Folsom Lake can hold around 977,000 acre feet of water. Right now, there is only about 200,000 acre feet of water. In the video, cars were parked where 20 feet of water in the middle of the lake should be. There were people standing and walking where water should be, too. “We should be standing in water right now. At this point this is the lowest I have seen it in 30 years,” fisherman John Enos said. He says that water is dropping several feet each day and things are so bad that the city of Folsom is asking all businesses and residents to cut back 20% of their water usage.

If this happened in your community, would you be able to cut back by that much? How could you conserve water while still making sure that your tap water was safe? Reverse osmosis (RO) is the method of treatment favored even by the biggest bottled water companies. Homes that have been prompted to conserve water should look for a high quality water filtration system instead.  It will consistently produce water that is as good as or better than bottled water and is much more economical. Our drinking water systems use the most advanced water filtration technology on the market today and are proven to waste significantly less water than traditional reverse osmosis – up to 90% less, that is. Contact us today and when water levels start dropping due to low rain, snow or drought conditions, you can be confident that you will be able to conserve water and preserve quality at the same time.


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