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January 2018
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Boncor Water Systems

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Drinking Water Systems Reducing to Non-Detect Levels

Our drinking water systems can produce better quality water by reducing the levels of contamination of several different substances like nitrates, arsenic, selenium, and others. Contaminant reduction is our specialty, along with the reduction of water waste. When you invest in a drinking water system, you expect results. However with some systems, you get what you pay for. When it comes to the quality of your drinking water, contaminant reduction shouldn’t be based on what you can afford to buy or what you paid for the system. In the case of our highly-effective drinking water systems, we can reduce the presence of several contaminants for the cost of a high-end reverse osmosis system with less water waste.

Nitrates are difficult for people to detect for many reasons, but are common in drinking water all over the country. Nitrates are colorless, odorless, and tasteless compounds. According to experts, “many factors can make it difficult to identify the source of nitrates for an individual well. Because nitrates move with the flow of groundwater, the source may be far from the well.”  In agriculture-rich regions, proper management of fertilizers, manures, and other nitrogen sources can minimize contamination of drinking water supplies. When consumed in excessively high levels, nitrates can cause very dangerous side effects. In infants, their inability to carry the oxygen through the blood is a condition known as “Blue Baby Syndrome” and a side effect of nitrate consumption.

When looking for a drinking water system that can reduce the levels of nitrates, it is important to find one that will give you plenty of benefits. First, our drinking water systems lead the industry because of our patented ion-exchange technology which can remove about 99% of nitrates to non-detect levels. Second, the technology uses electricity rather than chemicals for this process, reducing water waste up to 92% compared to traditional reverse osmosis systems. High-end R.O. filters are efficient to a certain point, but the excess water used to force water through its membrane goes to waste, almost contradicting the most recent advancements in the water industry.

Other RO systems waste more water than your household may utilize and cannot compete with the levels of contaminant reduction mentioned above. Our systems cam produce 25-40 gallons of water each day and the tank will fill faster than a R.O. system takes to provide your entire household with safe, great-tasting water. Nitrates are used primarily to make fertilizer, explosives and glass while nitrites are used as a preservative in foods. In small doses, they can prevent the growth of bacteria. In higher levels found in much of our drinking water, it becomes a dangerous contaminant which should be reduced to non-detect levels, something only our drinking water systems can do. Contact us today to see which of our products would work best for your household and start enjoying better water tomorrow.



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