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October 2017
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Boncor Water Systems

245 S. Quince St.
Escondido, CA 92025
(800) 928-3749

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Tag: Boncor Water

2017: This is the Year of Smart Water Trends

This past year brought us a LOT of things to be concerned with and plenty to celebrate, too. Drinking water seemed to be a topic in California and around the world more than ever before. From the effects of the drought, to water contamination in the US and beyond. We heard more about the quality […]

Is your Drinking Water Drugging you?

So many Americans rely on pharmaceuticals to stay healthy or to fight diseases, in fact a Mayo Clinic study stated that nearly seventy percent of Americans take at least one prescription drug. We are fortunate enough to live in a country where research and development of new lifesaving medications are second to none. That being […]

Temecula Water – How is it anyways?

If you live in the Temecula area, you probably enjoy public tap water. But if someone asked you how the quality of your tap water was, would you know how to respond? Do you actually know what is in Temecula drinking water or what it is disinfected with? With the water quality report available to the […]

Nitrates in Drinking Water – What do you know?

There is so much we need to know about nitrates in drinking water, but how much are we really taught? How much can you say that you actually know about these ions and their potential risk to your drinking water? We don’t think consumers are told enough and we want to tell you a little […]

Sewer Water During Drought Conditions

Did you ever think you’d see the day when sewer water would become a possible drinking water source? Well, the drought conditions in a few Texas areas have caused enough concern, like here in California, as well as drastic measures. This solution is known as the “toilet-to-tap” method, treating sewer water as a supply for […]

Conserve Water with the Right Drinking Water Systems

When times get tough, drastic measures are usually taken. That is exactly what the residents around Folsom Lake are dealing with according to a recent online video from Yahoo! News. With already low lake levels dropping every day, Folsom residents have been encouraged to employ water conservation efforts wherever possible. Without the necessary changes, the […]

Soft Water Equals Healthy Skin

Ladies, and yes even gentlemen, picture this; a deep tub, filled with steaming hot water and a cloud of bubbles swaying on the surface just waiting for you to sink in and soak all your cares and troubles away … Mmmm delightful!!  It’s shocking I know that something so wonderful could actually have proven heath […]

Are Pregnant Women At-Risk for Drinking Water Contamination Dangers?

Drinking water systems provide better quality water for any member of any household, but when it comes to pregnant women, filtered tap water may be more important than ever as a new study brings to light the dangers of tap water contamination and potentials for birth defects. Most pregnant women do whatever they can to […]

Drink to Your Health!

Cheers! January is National Soup Month and National Hot Tea Month and staying hydrated keeps you healthier, feeling great, and looking great too. We can stay hydrated through alternatives to just drinking water like low-sodium soups, teas, and smoothies. Drinking these to your health will get you on the fast track to hydration, possibly dropping […]

Instill Healthy Habits in Early Childhood

Every parent wants the best for their children’s health, but healthy eating and drinking habits start in early childhood. Your children will make better choices both at home and when eating out (like choosing water over sugary soft drinks) when they have the choices instilled early.  A recent article from Asia One News shows that […]